Diversification With Alternative Investments: Art, Farmland, Wine

With the S&P 500 close to a record-high you might wisely be thinking more about portfolio diversification. Portfolio diversification can help smooth out volatility. Further, you may be able to find investments that zig when your stocks zag.

Diversifying through bonds is the most common way to gain portfolio diversification.

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Investir dans la terre agricole en bénéficiant de 25% de réduction d’impôt

Investir dans la terre agricole, comme dans une forêt, est une solution idéale pour investir dans un actif d’usage capable de création de valeur à long terme.

L’investissement dans un bien dont l’usage est incontestable est une solution rassurante dans le contexte économique et financier que nous traversons.

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Investments To Hedge Against Inflation: Farmland, REITs, Precious Metals

With the Federal Reserve promising to keep the Fed Funds rate at 0% or close to 0% for years, it’s good to think about potential inflation on the horizon. Specifically, we should learn about investments that can hedge against inflation and also benefit from inflation.

If our income and our investment returns are not beating inflation each year, on a relative basis, we are losing. Therefore, it is up to each of us to at least keep up with inflation.

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