Platinum Begins A New Rally – Gold And Silver Will Follow

My research team and I have highlighted a number of recent articles about Gold and Silver and how we believed the longer-term price activity and technical analysis supported a broad market advance in Precious Metals over the next 5+ years. If not, check out Part I and Part II of our recent Gold and Silver research and price predictions.

Today, we are seeing further evidence that metals are on the move – in Platinum. Platinum has been trading below $1000 for quite a while and this is roughly HALF the price level of Gold. Typically, Platinum rallies before Gold rallies in a traditional trending phase.

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The Great Reset

There are now two entirely different notions of a coming “reset”. One has been popular among those who speculate on the gold price. They expect a revaluation of the dollar. However, the government does not set the value of the dollar. So there is no way to reset the value. Indeed, the government has been trying to push down the value of the dollar for over a decade, and mostly failing (because increasing quantity is not the same thing as decreasing value).

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Gold Remains The Best Pandemic Insurance

Bailouts and stimulus are not the best solution to the Covid pandemic.

What is? Possibly…insurance.

I know it’s far from perfect, but I think it could still be the best overall option.

On some level, it’s surprising that the role of insurance has gotten so little attention in this crisis.

After all, us and future generations will have to pay for all these massive bailouts.

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And The Winner Is…Team Gold !

That’s callin’ it right, baby! Cue the timeless Harry Caray: « Gold Wins! Gold Wins! Gold Wins! »

« But mmb, you also said the ‘incumbent’ would win… »

Indeed, Squire, ’tis for all the world to see that our call for the StateSide President’s being re-elected was wrong, albeit the criteria we expected for that to happen actually came to pass, (i.e. materially more votes than in 2016, and record-settingly so across a variety demographic measures).

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Gold is Money, Everything Else Is Credit

By now it is probably obvious, even to the most naive of mainstream narrative followers, that we are well past the point of no return on many fronts. Politics, on a national and global level, are never getting back to “normal”, the economy is already knee-deep in a severe recession, while social frictions and public discontent with governments, institutions and all kinds of rulers and central planners is on a sharp and dangerous trajectory.

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